Our father Prometheus...

September 21, 2015


I love this photo. It speaks by itself, a powerful symbol for all of us. And reminds me of Prometheus, the Titan, the creator of mankind and its greatest benefactor. The one who gifted humanity with fire, the fire he stole from Mount Olympus. And because of this invaluable gift to humans he doomed himself to an existence of torture and pain. Prometheus is a myth but as human as possible. It goes deep to our roots, the ones we are coming from as westerners. It is the closest to the philosophy of our ancestors which unfortunately we have forgotten. The three so celebrated monotheistic religions of today are drifting away from real life, submerged by scientific evidence contradicting their imposed dogmas or worse, overwhelmed by the brutal fanatism of some of their followers. Personally I feel the urge to go back to our roots, when gods where more human and less angry. Life can be really hard by itself so why make it more complicated believing in a supernatural entity ready to punish anyone for anything? Think about it and let me know what is your opinion. Have a wonderful week!




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